Pakistani government summons

U.S. diplomats to protest strongly against U.S. interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs

An official statement issued by the Pakistani government on the 1st said that the Pakistani side summoned a senior US diplomat and lodged a strong protest against the US “interference” in Pakistan’s internal affairs.

The U.S. Chargé d’Affaires in Islamabad, Agler, was summoned by Pakistan’s foreign ministry for a “threatening letter” following a March 31 decision by Pakistan’s National Security Council, Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper reported. The National Security Council of Pakistan stated that sending a threatening letter to Pakistan is a blatant interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs. In addition, the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent a letter of protest to the US diplomat, who has been told that “interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs is unacceptable” over a foreign official’s inappropriate language in an official exchange.

Because the Pakistani government pursues an independent foreign policy, the United States has issued a letter warning that if the no-confidence motion against the Pakistani government fails, there will be dire consequences. The National Security Council of Pakistan therefore decided to issue a tough statement to “countries” expressing dissatisfaction with Pakistan’s foreign policy.

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