Peskov: Putin, ‘we have absolutely unique support for him’

Asked what is the “brand” of Russia?

TASS reported on the 3rd that Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said in a TV interview with “Belarus-24” on the 2nd that President Vladimir Putin is the real “brand” of the country and he has huge support from the Russians.

Peskov made the remarks when asked “what is the Russian brand.” “We do have a ‘brand’ – Putin.” “We have absolutely unique support for him,” Peskov replied.

Peskov said Putin’s approval rating had surged since the start of the special military operation against Ukraine and is now over 80 percent. “Sociologists and political scientists may agree with me that (Putin) has been in power for nearly 22 years and has more than 80 percent popular support, which can be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. That’s a huge support.” Pace Cove said.

In the interview, Peskov said, “President Putin draws strength from this support and takes resolute measures.”

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