‘Russian regime change’ is not US policy

On April 1, local time, US Vice President Harris said that the US government does not want Russian regime change.

On March 26, local time, US President Biden delivered a long speech on the Ukraine crisis on the last day of his visit to Poland. At the end of the speech, he suddenly said that Putin “cannot continue to be in power”. The remarks sparked huge controversy, with U.S. officials “putting out fires” one after another, and leaders of some European countries also said they were “keeping their distance” from Biden on this issue.

In this regard, Harris emphasized in an interview with the media that the government is not calling for regime change, which is not the policy of the United States. “Our policy from the outset is to ensure that there is a real cost to Russia in the form of tough sanctions that we know are having an immediate impact and that they are effective over the long term,” Harris said.

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